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Location Name Captain Boat Type Comments
San Diego Islandia Sportsfishing n/a n/a Public Open Party and Private Charter Deep Sea Fishing Trips to Outer Banks, Islands, and Kelp Beds
Location Name Captain Boat Type Comments
Site General Location Description
Fish Fear Us Bay Area "This is a page about fishing in the bay area as we know it"... San Mateo Bridge, Santa Cruz, Stevens Creek.  Pictures, tips & a CA Fishing Ring.
Jeff Spira's Southern California Ocean Fishing Southern California Here you'll find lots of information for the new or old pro saltwater fisherman contemplating going fishing the beautiful ocean off the Southern California coast.  Fishing Reports, Pictures, Recipes, how to Smoke Fish and more...
San Diego Fly Fishers San Diego The Federation of Fly Fishers' largest chapter!  The San Diego Fly Fishers club promotes the sport of fishing with a fly rod through education and conservation.  Pointers on how to get started fly fishing on  local marine waters, salt water fly fishers, plying Mission Bay, local beaches and long range trips. Activities, Club Calendar, Links, History, etc...
Southern California Marlin Online Southern California Southern California Marlin Online, the Internet's premier source for big game sportfishing news, information, education and entertainment! Fishing news, weather information, reader photos, conservation tips chat rooms, posting boards and much, much more... 
Inland Waters/Rivers/Freshwater
Site General Location Description
The Rock Creek Fishing Page Rock Creek Canyon/E. Sierra Nev Mtns Local Weather, Fishing Conditions, Good Fishing Spots & Tips, Rock Creek's Trout, R. C. Newsletter, Contests!!, Fishing Experiences, Links, Rock Creek Lakes Resort, Cabins & Interactive Map...
Site General Location Description
The Fish Sniffer Online Statewide The Fish Sniffer Online- California- Nevada & Oregon Fishing.  Angling woman, pics, Bass Beat, Weather, Water Levels / Dams Releass, Guides, Fishing Spots & destinations, Stories and more...
John Suelen's 
"My Fishing Page"
Northern California The Fisherman's Resource for Northern California. Great Regional page w-Links on Boating, Fish & Game, Stuff; Awards, Guestbooks and personal Reports & Pics.   Stop by and say hello to "MakoWish"...
Pier Fishing in California Statewide
Dedicated to the thousands of regulars (a.k.a. pier rats) who fish California's piers on a weekly or even daily basis.  Lots of Info, Merchandise, Reports, Pier of the Month, Fish of the Month, Pics, Tips, Games... A very nice looking site...


Bait and Tackle Shops
Site General Location Description

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